Bye Bye Y6

Hi Everyone,

It is with a heavy heart I say that it is my last day of school today.

I mean, I’m not sad about holidays, or about not doing maths everyday, I’m sad as I am leaving my much loved current school. I am leaving all the friends I have ever had, including some of my best friends.

I want to stay in contact with them, but I know it will be hard. I know it won’t be easy. I know that it is most likely that we will lose contact with each other.

But I do not wish to dwell on the past. Well, not totally.


This year was awesome. From singing and dancing at the Formal to helping K-2 swim. It was great.


This year, I was a house leader (a leader of a school house). It was great fun. For it, I did heaps for 4 different sport carnivals, and I organised a whole fundraiser.

I went to the ‘big’ carnivals, for 3-6, which are competitive. I not only got to do this, but I also got to do heaps for the little kid carnivals. They were heaps of fun, as they were not competitive. As a house leader, I got to help them run and swim (swimming was particularly fun).

Also, I arranged a whole fundraiser, and today, we found out we raised $1,356 for the TEAR fund!

Leadership has been amazing this year, and I will certainly miss being a JS one.


Camp was great this year. I bonded with friends, and learnt that it is NOT fun to stay up all night with teachers right outside your tent.

Camp was fun, enjoyable (on the most part) and certainly eventful. CERTAINLY.

For one of our camps, went to Cockatoo Island + Chowder Bay and Canberra.

To be honest, I really enjoyed Canberra (activity wise), but when I think about it now, both camps were AWESOME.

I will miss JS camps. I will certainly miss not having to hike miles at miles at camps!


This school has been great. As in, awesome. I have had AMAZING teachers, and have had made life-long friends.

But I’m leaving.

Next year, I am going to a new school.

This makes me really, really sad.

I have to leave EVERYONE. EVERYTHING. This is really sad.

Many have asked me why I am leaving. My answers are varied from ‘Just coz’ and to ‘For education… sorta’. But to be honest, I don’t really know. At least, at least I am going with 2 of my friends.


Y6 has been amazing. I am super sad to leave, and a little scared too. My new school will be a challenge, and I will have to work really, really hard (not that I wouldn’t here).

I am soooo sad. Beyond words sad. I will really, really miss all the girls, and all the teachers too.

Bye Y6. Bye RC. By Everyone.

See you soon. I hope,

– Sophie

Y6 Blogger


FISH Chapter 8

Hi Everyone,

In class currently, we have been reading a book called ‘Fish’ for a think called the ‘Global Read Aloud’.

In the book, the main character, Tiger, finds a fish in a mud puddle. Shortly after, Tiger and his/her family is forced to leave their home. The book is about their journey.

During the book, Tiger’s identity is not uncovered. This is why I will be/have left Tiger’s gender unknown.

We each created a story board for the chapter. Here is mine:

IMG_0852 222


At the start of the book, it literally says ‘nothing interesting happened that might’. So, that is what I have shown happening in my first image, nothing happening. Later, when the family are walking, there is a bang, and a bullet flies past Tiger (the main character)’s ear. Tiger turns around, to see a man standing on top of a rock. He has a gun. At the last second, Tiger dives behind a bust for shelter. Tiger does not know where his/her family is. She/he feels the urge to cry, but blinks back the tears. Tiger begins to wander on from out of the bush, and come along a tunnel. She/he begins to crawl through it, and his/her backpack scraps against the ceiling. She/he remembers the fish inside of his/her backpack. She/he checks the fish, only to find that it is 100% fine. She/he finally reaches the end of the tunnel and enters into a cave. She/he is perched on a ledge above the floor of the cave. Inside the cave, she curls into a ball. Suddenly, 3 men walk in. They are the 3 men he/she met earlier in the story. They are arguing. Accidentally, one of the men shoots another. The 3 men run out of the cave. Tiger eventually exits the cave too. Once out, he/she begins to start wandering again. Suddenly, she/he comes across the 3 men and runs from them. She/he is forced to go under a heap of mud to hide. When he/she needs to take a breath, he/she comes back up to find some cloth. And then, ahead of the cloth, the leader of the 3 men, staring straight at him/her. Yet, then, he walks away. Later, she/he realises that she/he was shielded by the man who was shot’s dead body, and therefore the leader could not see her.

The story ends when Tiger is once again reunited with her family. Her/his dad begins to cry. Tiger is very surprised. The story ends with mixed emotions, joy, sadness and love.

This is the summary of chapter 8 of the book ‘Fish’ by L.S Mathews.



Hi Everyone,

Next Friday is ‘Blog Action Day’. Find out more about it here. The theme for this year is ‘Raise Your Voice’. For this topic, you can write pretty much anything, but the main purpose if for you to get to raise your voice and be heard.

For my blog post, I have decided that I’m  not just going to write about one unsung hero. I will write about all of them. All the people that don’t get a mention. All those people who go around doing ‘stuff’ for others, not themselves. They think about the people around them. They care for those in need. They give EVERYTHING for those in need.

I’m talking about the people who go around with NO mention at all. They just do it. They get no credit from other people, they just get the good feeling of having helping others. That’s all.

Sure, those people like Malala are great, fantastic even. But they have credit. They have people who tell them ‘well done’. They go are do things and get noticed. They get prizes for helping. They are great, awesome and fantastic. They can never really be told that enough, but in a way, they sort of have.

Others, with no mention at all fight for the same rights and freedoms that people like Malala do. They look after the same people. They give money to the same organisations. They give their all. They do the same stuff and fight for the same things as those people who have prizes.

Nobody knows who they are. They are unsung. They aren’t given credit. They aren’t given prizes. They are the people I follow. The people I want to be like. And I know you don’t need prizes to be great. To be an unsung HERO.




CYOA – Chapter 7 – THE FINAL CHAPTER+Epilogue

Hi Everyone!

Sadly, this is the last chapter of my story plus an epilogue.

As you might be able to guess, there will be no voting at the end of this chapter as it is my final one.

Last week, Anna was riding off the cliff yet again, hoping to arrive back home. Your options were:

  1. Anna is in ANOTHER black cave.
  2. Anna is at the top of the steep hill.
  3. Anna can hear the same voice from before around her.

The most popular option was option 3! This week I will write about this option.

First of all, here is the last part of last weeks story to remind you of what happened.

This is my only chance. My only option. This MUST work!

Carefully, I creep out of the school, clamber onto my bike, and pedal home. I ride to my house, and stop right in the middle of the road, just outside my house.

Then, I pedal. I pedal with all my might. I only have one thought. It is:


Here is this weeks story now, based on the option:

  • Anna can hear the same voice from before around her.

I hope you like it!


“Anna. Anna. Wake up. You’re home.”

I look around to see the owner of the voice, who has just spoken.

No one.


Nobody can disappear that fast. It is just not human.

I cycle down the hill, in the opposite direction, in attempt to find the owner of the voice. I must find her! Or him, for that matter.

I pedal towards the opposite side of the hill, were the grass is not as green and some houses are old and abandoned. I still can’t hear the voice, but I can sense it’s presence.

I get off my bike and let is fall to the dead grass outside an old, rickety house. The door creaks as I open it. The floorboards grumble under my weight. As I round a corner, I see a light coming from under a door. My spine tingles.

I take a deep breath, and open the door. No one. Nothing.

“This is where I live, if you were wondering.”

The voice.

“It’s not much, I know.” It says.

She. I think the owner of the voice is a she.

“Um… who are you?” I manage to stutter.

No answer. No reply. Just silence.

The voice does not sound scary. Not at all. It sounds nice. Calm. The voice of a friend, not an enemy, or someone to fear. A friend.

I leave it there. I walk out of the house, with a puzzle still lingering inside of me. I clamber back onto my bike, and pedal back to my house where the grass is greener.


As I cycle down the hill I notice all the plants and flowers again. They are even more beautiful than before.

However, this time I go a bit slower and make the turn towards my house safely.

I pedal into the driveway, and look at the time and date on the computer. No time has passed. It is the same day and the same time as before. Life is back to normal.


EPILOGUE – 3 Years Later

I remember that the first time I visited the Foxin Land and My Parallel Universe, I was terrified. I was a scared little 12 year old.

Now I am 15 and have visited these lands millions of times and many more too. I just have to ride off the cliff.

The voice is always with me, helping me when I am scared. But now, The Voice is also with me in day-to-day life, helping me when I have friendship, family and school issues.

I remember when I was 12, how my best friend, Tom went all mean. I have told him about me travelling to my different lands where he was a bully. He laughed. He told me not to let the mean version of him upset me, and to stick up to him. The time after I went to my Parallel Universe I did this, and now we are best friends in both worlds.

I have taught my old Foxin friend, Tobin, how to not turn scary at night, and now he is super nice both day and night.

The Voice has never revealed who they are. They are just a voice. Though, all the same, that voice is my friend, just as close to me a Tom is. The voice told me that I have control over where I go when I ride over the cliff. I can go anywhere. I visit my Foxin friends and ‘other’ family the most though.

Once Tom and I went to all the different lands we could think of together. It was so much fun! We went everywhere. Candy Land, Animal World, you name it, and we went there. Tomorrow we plan to do it again. I am so excited!

I have become a stronger person since the time when I was 12, and I visited those 2 lands for the first. And I had help too. The Voice. I remember the exchange I had with the voice. Ever since then, I have considered it my friend, and I think it has done the same. I think we are both very good friends now. But one thing still remains a mystery. Who is the owner?

I hope you enjoyed my final chapter!

I have had lots of fun sharing my thoughts with you and I feel that I have become a better writer thanks to this school project.

For those of you who have read my chapter every week, thanks for going that extra mile to support me. I really, really appreciate it!

I would like to thank my teachers, friends and other commenters for supporting me and encouraging me to keep on writing!

I wonder what’s for homework next term?



CYOA Chapter 6

Hi Everyone!

This is the second last week of my story, just to let you know, so it is coming to an end.

Annabeth arrived at ‘home’ yet everyone in her family is acting strange. She decides to go to school, looking forward to the comfort of her best friend, Tom. However, when she arrives at school, he has gone all mean and silly. What is happening?!?

Last week you have these three options:

  1. Someone walks into the bathroom.
  2. She stays in the bathroom until the day ends.
  3. She waits until everyone goes to class and cycles home.

You all voted for option 1, someone walks into the bathroom. This week my chapter will be based on this path. I hope you enjoy it!

I can still hear their laughter ringing in my ears. Tears still trickle down my cheeks.

What is wrong with Tom?!? This isn’t HIM! And, he can’t have changed in such a short period of time!

Is it me? Is it him? Is it the world?!? What is wrong and why?!?

Suddenly, I can hear footsteps echoing down the empty hallway. Who is out of the lunchroom? NOBODY leaves the lunchroom, for it is the only time out of class we get! AND, there is a bathroom in the lunchroom too, that everyone goes to!

Maybe, just maybe, it is Tom, coming to say sorry for hurting me. Maybe…

But, no. Why? Because the girl’s bathroom door opens. Tom does not go into the girl’s bathroom, like all the other boys at my school.

“Annabeth.” The voice says.

I am speechless. I do not recognise this voice.

“Annabeth.” The voice says again.

“Who are you?” Suddenly more questions flow into my mind. “Where am I? Is the my normal world? What is wrong with Tom? What is wrong with me?!?”

“You are in a parallel universe.”

“A parallel what?”

“ A Parallel Universe. A parallel universe is a universe that is the opposite.”

“The opposite to what?”

“It depends. But I don’t want to stuff a whole lot boring information in your head. I could go forever! Pretty much, you are in an opposite world, and you need to get out of here before it is too late!”

“Too late to do what?”

“There is no time for questions! Ride of the cliff at the end of your street again!”

“But, what if I end up in another strange universe?!?”

“You won’t. Trust me. And think about home the whole way. I will meet you on the other side.”

“Other side of what?”

“Of the cliff. Of the world. Of life.”

“Um… Ok?!? I’ll see you there then…”

I feel very confused. A Parallel Universe? How is it possible? The wise old Foxin told me how to escape his land and I ended up here. And now she… he… this person, WHO IS THIS PERSON?

“Who are you?” I ask.

I can still hear their breath in this room. They haven’t left. I can get out of the cubical and thank them. And help them. I unlock the cubical door, to find no one, in this small, dark, 2 cubical bathroom.

The door is still moving. They have left. I run out of the bathroom, ripping the door open. I look down the long halls. No one. Impossible.

No one can run that fast, the hallway practically goes on forever, with no possible hiding spots! Trust me, the halls are 100% empty. I know these halls like the back of my hand!

This is strange. But so far, everything has been strange. I guess this is sort of normal. Sort of. Not really.

Anyway, if the random creepy voice asked me to do something, I guess I should do it. Last time, it sort of worked. Let’s hope it really works this time.

This is my only chance. My only option. This MUST work!

Carefully, I creep out of the school, clamber onto my bike, and pedal home. I ride to my house, and stop right in the middle of the road, just outside my house.

Then, I pedal. I pedal with all my might. I only have one thought. It is:



Now you choose:

  1. Anna is in ANOTHER black cave.
  2. Anna is at the top of the steep hill.
  3. Anna can hear the same voice from before around her.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s chapter!

Please comment!

Stay Tuned,


CYOA Chapter 5

Hi Everyone,

So far my character Annabeth has travelled to a mystical land and has no ended up in a new, confusing one. Everyone around her is acting strange and she does not know what to do. This week I continue her story, but you got to choose what happened.

You had 3 options to choose the direction of the story. They were:

  1. She goes down-stairs to dinner where her family is acting even stranger.
  2. She falls asleep, hoping everything will be back to normal in the morning.
  3. She goes to school the next day, to the comfort of her best friend.

The most popular option was option 3, she goes to the school the next day to the comfort of her best friend and other friends.

In this chapter I will introduce another character, Anna’s best friend.

I hope you enjoy this week’s chapter!

My head is spinning, whirling, round and round. I can’t think straight. I am light headed. Voices whisper around my head. Then, black.

My world turns black. I hit the ground. Hard. I slam my eyes closed. My thoughts continued swirl.

Tomorrow will be normal again. All will be fine. My life will be fine. I am just tired and scared from being in the strange Foxin land. Tomorrow I shall go to school and I shall be at home again. I hope.

I finally rest in a deep sleep.

I wake up to hear my alarm ringing. I press down on the snooze button. Rolling over, I look at the time, as I do every morning. School starts at 8:30 sharp. Some mornings I have before school activities.

I look at the clock to make sure I know what day it is. Monday. It has been a day since I first rode off the cliff at the end of the street, just as I thought. But how come my parents were not worried that I was gone for a whole day?

Thank goodness I do nothing on a Monday morning. I get a good sleep. Finally. So, my alarm clock should say 7:30, because that is what I set it to on the days I don’t have anything on.

But it doesn’t. It says 8:00. It takes me 25 minutes to cycle to school, which is what I do every morning. And it takes me a LONG time to get ready, as I am just hopeless at getting ready.

I’m going to be late. I’m sure of it.

I blast out of bed and run around the house, trying to get everything done.

My family is already out of the house, and this is something I am quite glad of. I will not have to face my strange family, and them leaving as per usual makes me think that they have gone back to normal.

When I am finally ready, I take a quick look at my clock. It reads: 8:09! I am late. The clock is ticking. Boy, am I going to have to pedal fast!

As I pedal to school, I try not to think of the happenings of last night and focus on other stuff. Instead, I decide to focus on my school life.

At school, I am not super popular. There ARE a group of super popular mean kids, but I try to avoid them. They are the richest kids in town and they own the nicest stuff. Everyone thinks that they are the best. Do NOT get on their bad side though…

I have a few good friends, and one really close one. His name is Tom. We have been in the same class since Kindy, and we even were in the same Mother’s group and we went to Preschool together. We were born 5 days apart and are like 2 peas in a pod. We are inseparable. Friends forever. Tom is rather clever and is not the richest kid. He is quite like me in all the right ways. This might be why we are so close. Oh, I can’t wait to see him and tell him all about my adventure!

I finally pull up at school. I look at my watch. 8:30 exactly. I freeze as the bell echoes in my ears. No time to speak to Tom now. I have to get to class!

I sprint to my locker, gather up my textbooks and pencil case and dash to my first class.

I know I said that Tom and I have always been in the same class, well that is not quite true. I mean, we have until this year. I am in the same class as him in some subjects, but none of the ones on Monday.

Oh well. No passing notes today, I will just have to see him at lunch.

My first subject is a bore. My second subject is tiring. Finally though, it is Lunch.

I head to my locker to put my books and pencils away, and head to the lunchroom. Inside, there are many other student chattering to each other. Even though people are sitting right next to each other, they shout at each other to have a conversation. Their loud voices ring in my ears. I head toward my table, where me, Tom and my other friends always sit.

When I arrive, my table seems to be occupied with all my friends, yet they are different. They are all crowding around some person, but I can’t see who they are. Some of them look at me with big, mean eyes and begin to whisper.

Eventually, the person who is being crowded stands up. I study their face and then their body. The person’s face belongs to Tom, but the clothing does not. This strange body is covered in designer clothing and has fancy, stylish, gelled hair. Suddenly he speaks to me, but not in his voice. He speaks in some snobby, rich voice.

“And what to you want, Annabeth?” He says my name as if I am a vile pile of nothingness.

“Um, well… Hi Tom!” I manage to stutter in shock.

All the other kids are now crowding around Tom again. They snigger at me.

“Why are you talking to me?”

“Um…’Cos we’re best friends?!?” My voice quivers.

The other kids are now in hysterics. Every eye in the room has turned to watch our exchange.

“Excuse me? You, me, best friends? In your most wonderful dreams!”

The whole room in now laughing at me. I turn around and run. Unfortunately, and to my luck, someone happens to pull their chair out as I run past. I crash to the ground. I look up at the persons face, and see that what they did was NOT an accident.

I run out of the hall, and to the girls bathrooms. I go into a cubical and lock the door behinds me. Crumpling into a ball, I begin to cry.


Now you choose…

  1. Someone walks into the bathroom.
  2. She stays in the bathroom until the day ends.
  3. She waits until everyone goes to class and cycles home.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks chapter!

Please vote to choose the way you want the story to go!

Stay Tuned,



CYOA Chapter 4

Hi Everyone,

So far in my story, my main character, Annabeth has had a great adventure. She has been caught in a new land, and now that it is dark, happens to be surrounded by a whole lot of crazy creatures. She is left to escape.

This chapter is what happens after she attempts to leave the past land, and where she ends up next.

To decide this, I gave you 3 options:

  1. She wakes up back at home.
  2. She wakes up to see her mother and father standing over her.
  3. She is in yet another black cave.

The majority voted for option 3, she ends up in yet another black cave.

This week, I have wrote a new chapter of my story based on this decision. I hope you enjoy it!

I am like a bird of prey, searching for what is below me as I fall. I squint my eyes to see what is below me. Nothing. Blackness. Again.

I land hard on the ground, with an echoing thud. Yet I feel no pain. That must be the magic of my journey. All I can see is black. Another black cave.

I close my eyes. I am still human and I am very tired.

I feel lost. I hope that that old Foxin was telling me the truth. Maybe he was crazy, just like Tobin! But, then again, I was so desperate, and had gone slightly insane myself. Yet, something tells me that he was telling me the truth, and that it was my way out.

But, something did not feel quite right.

I open my eyes. What I see brings my great joy, my home. I am in the middle of the road, and my bike is right next to me. I climb on, and pedal towards my house. My joy is the source of my energy, and suddenly I have a whole lot of unknown power.

At the door, stands my father. This is unusual. He is never home early. Nor would he wait outside of me. He doesn’t really care about me and my fun life, only my safety. Safety this, safety that. Blah, blah, blah. I know that he might not be waiting for me, but something tells me he is.

I begin to slow down, incase he gets worried that I am riding to fast. I pedal cautiously over to him, until he suddenly calls out:

“Anna, why are you going so slow?!? Go faster! Have some fun!”

I am confused, but to make him happy, I begin to speed down the road towards my house. I do a very sharp, yet exciting turn into my house and slam on the brakes, pulling up abruptly in front of him.

“Now THAT’S more like my An!” He shouts out wildly.

What has gotten into my dad? He must have had a good day at work or something.

He opens the door for me, and my head is filled with a wonderful aroma. This does not make any sense, since my mum CAN’T cook. She thinks she can, but she is just hopeless. She sometimes gets take-away though, that must be it.

But this smell is homemade. It is not filled with oil and grease. I follow my nose towards the kitchen, where I find our family kitchen table set as if a king is coming to have a banquet here!

My mum walks out in the most beautiful evening gown, she has a small apron tied around it and has expensive Cath Kidston oven mits on.

“Mum, why are you wearing your wedding dress, with an apron and oven mits on?” I ask.

“Don’t be silly daaarliiiing” she slurs. “This is my cooking dress.”

Cooking dress? Cooking? A NICE dress? Is this lady really my mum?

I begin to feel slightly light headed, due to all this confusion.

“I, I, I think that I’m gonna head up to bed.” I stutter.

I begin to walk up our creaky, old stairs. Yet they don’t creak. And they’re carpeted. And they do not look old. And they’re, they’re NICE!

I suddenly realize what will make me feel better. It always does.

I creep into my bothers room. As suspected, he is fast asleep. I prepare to pounce. I lift the my hands and…

His eyes flutter open!

“Hi!” He says. “I missed you today!”

“Yeah right.” I say.

It is impossible that he has missed me. My 16 year-old brother, missing me! Impossible.

“What did ya do today?” He asks.

“Not much.” I say. “I had this crazy dream though!”

“What was it?!?” He asks intently. He actually sounds sort of interested.

“You wouldn’t care. And even if I did tell you, you would just DIE of boredom.”

“No I wouldn’t! PLEASE tell me!”

Wow! He has never been interested in me or my life, yet as I recount what happened with me flying of the cliff and landing in the Foxin land, he actually listens to me. He asks the appropriate question here and there, but he LISTENS.

As pleased as I am with him and my mum, and my dad, I am left slightly confused.

My mum can cook, my dad is a daredevil, and my brother cares about my life and me.

They, they are like, like, the opposite to my normal family! I love my new and improved family, but my heart is still tugging towards my old hopeless-cooker of a mum, my old much-to-careful dad and my old annoying older brother. Where is my REAL family?!?


Now, you choose:

  1. She goes down-stairs to dinner where her family is acting even stranger.
  2. She falls asleep, hoping everything will be back to normal in the morning.
  3. She goes to school the next day, to the comfort of her best friend.

Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to vote on what you want to happen in the story next! The story is in YOUR hands. Take charge!

Stay tuned for the next chapter and my other blog posts,


Skateboard Art

Hi Everyone,

In school, we have been doing a super-fun art project. We got to design our own skateboards! We each had to come up with a design and the quote-like thing, but it had to be something that meant something to us or the society. There were many, many amazing creations!

My friend, Sarah on her skateboard wrote ‘Speak. Use your voice.’ She chose to say this because to tell people to use their voice, as many people in the world do not.

I really like her message, for it reminds me of Malala. I love Malala’s story, and when ever I am feeling sad, I often remember her, and she lifts me up. I remember the hardships she went through, just to speak out. I love what she says ‘They thought that the bullets would silence us, but they failed. And out of that silence came thousands of voices.’

Click on her name to visit her blog and her blog post!

On the underside of my skateboard, I wrote ‘Be Free’ in large bubble writing. I did a marbled background and coloured the writing with different shades of purple. I put glitter on the writing, and did silver streaks randomly on the background. Then, I did some little black birds surrounding the writing. I put gloss over everything.

On top of my skateboard, I did the same, but without the writing. My marbled background was a slightly different shade to the bottom, as I did them at different times. I did the same silver streaks and added a tiny bit of glitter here and there. I have not yet, but I plan to put a single small black bird shortly.

The message of my skateboard is to be free. Live your life to the full and enjoy it. I drew birds because they can fly, and the feeling of flying is like escaping from all of your worries. Being free and having time to be yourself. My statement is also to be unique, and not to be afraid to be yourself and show your true colours. Bree free, and life a full life.

Here are some pictures of my skateboard. And to finish, a question:

How can you be free and have a good time. What can you do to have a full life?




CYOA Chapter 3

Hi Everyone,

I have wrote my 3rd chapter for you this week. Just a quick refresh for last week…

You had 3 options. They were:

  1. She goes back to sleep
  2. She hears footsteps coming closer to her
  3. She sees a large shadow climbing up the wall just outside the room she is staying in for the night.

The option with the most votes was option 3!

So, this week I have wrote a story for you based on this option. I hope you enjoy/like it!

I really try to ignore the noise, but I just can’t. I decide that I should just pretend to be asleep, but to stay alert, just in case.

Whatever or WHOEVER the monster is, it likes to make noise. It is crashing pans. The monster turns on the tap full blast. I can hear the water gurgling down the sink. I hear vases being thrown onto the floor, and smashing into a million pieces. I hope this creature, does not know that I am here.

Suddenly, I sit upright. I can see the most awful site. The monster, is walking towards ME! It is coming closer. I can hear footsteps. I can see a very, very large shadow creeping up the wall. It is the shadow of nothing I have seen before. Then it speaks.

“Annabeeeeeth?” It coos. “Where is my darling Annnnn?”

My insides begin to churn. Who this creature, and how does it know who I am!

I look around. In my bedroom, there is a small window, and I am a small girl. I get up, and begin to play with the lock. And it opens. I swear that this is he most beautiful thing I’ve seen all my life! I jump out! And with only a tiny scratch, I escape.

I run and run. Then I simply stop. I don’t know where I’m going, or why.

Then I remember, my bike! I love my bike and I NEED it. Plus, it will mean that I can escape faster, once I know where to go. But it means going back to the house. Where the monster is. Oh well. I need my bike and I will get it. I just have to be fast. Really fast.

I dash back to the house. I go to where I remember leaving it, around the back of Tobin’s house, and there it is. It’s dark colours cannot be seen at this time of night, but I can still faintly see it’s beautiful silhouette. I grab it. And then, I hear the back door slam.

I see a figure coming towards me, but to my luck, it just looks like a normal Foxin. In fact, it looks exactly like Tobin. Suddenly, the automatic light I had not triggered, switched on. The creature in front of me WAS Tobin, just not the one I had met during the day.

In some sort of sense, it was similar. But, instead of a sweet Tobin, it had a solid looking, rock hard, grey skin. It had a HUGE under bite. And, it was like, twice the size.

I did not stay long enough to look at its other features. I jumped onto my bike, and pedaled for dear life. I could still hear it calling my name.

I stopped, once I was certain that I had got away. I was in the middle of a forest. And, I could hear voices. Voices. They whisper:

“Go to the Wise old Man. Then, everything will be clear…”

These words were repeated over and over again.

“WHO IS THE WISE OLD MAN!” I shouted in annoyance.

And then, as if to answer my call, a bright light shone in the distance. And I followed it. I got on my bike and I just followed it. Even though the trees bashed my body, and I wanted to fall asleep, I just continued to ride on.

When I got there, I knocked on the door, hoping this ‘Wise Old Man’ would come. And he did. He was a Foxin too, but just a very, very old one.

“Coming inside. Come inside quickly!” He said.

So, without thinking, I stepped inside.

“What is happening?!?” I asked. “Please, please tell me!”

“Please sit down. What is happening is not good, not good at all.”

“Yes. Go on.”

“The Foxin creatures seem to turn bad once the sun goes down.”

“Then how come you-“ I begun to say, but he cut me off.

“Please let me talk. All will make sense shortly.”


“Like I said, the Foxin creatures seem to turn back at night, and in the morning, they have no memory of what they did at all. They all just think that there is some creature that always visits and messes up their houses. They don’t really THINK at all to be honest. They just presume. And, since you were wondering, I always go to sleep during the time when day turns into night. This seems to work. But I warn you, you are not safe any longer. You cannot stay here.”

“But how can I get out.” I sob, suddenly feeling very homesick.

“Dear child, don’t cry. At the end of this path, where my house is, there is a cliff. Very like the one at the end of your street.”

“How do you know me, and my world?!?”

“Child, once I was young and curious, just like you. I had many adventures, let’s just say. And now I am old and wise, and I just know a lot.”


“Anyway child, you must be going! Quick, go outside and ride as fast as you can off the edge of the cliff. Go, before it is too late!”

I quickly said my thanks, and then hurried outside, jumped on my bike, and pedaled.

The night air whooshed through my hair as I pedaled. Pedaled as fast as I could. Then, I flew off the cliff. And I was falling again. Falling through time and the air.


What happens next?

  1. She wakes up back at home.
  2. She wakes up to see her mother and father standing over her.
  3. She is in yet another black cave.

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